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Top 9 Reasons To Learn Java

Top 9 Reasons To Learn Java

Java is known as the most popular programming language widely used all over the world. It gets the distinctive position among all programming language because of its technology-driven nature. It is also considered as the heart of programming languages.

The TIOBE 2018 index gives 1st rank to Java language and on the other hand Python is the most influential language in PYPLE.

index of programming language

Over the last 20 years, Java programming language has proved itself as the best programming language around the world.

popularity of programming language

It is free and open source language that helps developers and programmers to achieve the milestone. This is the main reason why Java got 1st rank in TIOBE 2018 Index.

With the passage of time, Java has evolved itself for designing the best software and web application. In this article, we figure out the top 9 reasons that encourage you to learn Java.

Java got 1st rank

1) Numerous Resources

There are numerous valid resources available on the internet that help you to learn Java programming within a short span of time. Depending on your learning capacity, select the suitable resources to learn Java. Even there are lots of online Java forums that answer to your queries related to programming.
eSauver is also the best platform that offers short and comprehensive courses related to Java programming with its effective tools and implementation techniques.

2) Job Opportunities

Programmers with the expertise of Java programming are the need of the programming industry. This widely used language creates an open opportunity for all programmers with high pay scale. Despite getting a job, Java programmer can start his career as an entrepreneur and get the distinctive position by applying expertise in the native app, Android and web application.

3) Object-Oriented Language

Java is known as the object-oriented programming language that shows the easy concept of programming. The properties of Java programming are flexible and extensible. It strongly suggests the best practices of OOP design and promotes its correct usage.

4) Open Source

Java is an open source programming language that programmers love. Its platform is independent and supports across OS environment. Therefore, programmers prefer to learn Java to get the maximum advantages from its open source nature.

Java is an open source programming

5) Rich APIs Of Java

The rich APIs of Java makes it different and competitive from other programming languages. Collect these APIs along with supportive tools then you will get everything you want in programming.

6) Universal Usage

Java programming language is present everywhere and due to its stability and integration, you can find Java on mobile, desktop, large scale application etc. Java is also gaining big in the field of Internet of Things (IoT).

7) Powerful Desktop Tool

You can access powerful IDEs for java whenever you want. It plays the key role in bringing Java into a top-level language. For your ease and enhancing your programming capacity, Eclipse and Netbeans have made coding in Java a pleasant experience. The unique features of Java help you in code writing process.

8) Community Support

Java community is highly active and continue to grow with around 10 million Java developers across the world. Java developers guide you to get the solution of your programming related problems and ready to help you in this way. Also, eLearning platforms like eSauver and Udemy are available to provide guidance.

9) Easy To Learn

It doesn’t matter if you are new at programming. Java is easy to learn for everyone. Even beginner can easily get professional expertise by practicing Java programming language. With an English-like syntax, Java could easily be learned within a short span of time and used to build useful applications.

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