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3 SEO Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Site In 2019

3 SEO Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Site

3 SEO Tips To Boost Your Ecommerce Site
Modern businesses’ problems need modern solutions. There is a prompt fulfillment in paying for an ad and observing the traffic to your website or the social media profile intensely increase. Although it is essentially immediate, traffic can start to drop as soon as you stop promoting or stop running the ad.

In this article, we share the best practice of running an online store or business. SEO matters a lot in online business. It requires time and effort including research, but the key success factor is to maintain a constant level of traffic and support build your brand over the periods of time. This is correct as long as the strategy and powerful content are created on a consistent basis for your website.

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Optimize Your Product Pages

A business website must have to meaningfully advance their posting process in order to get a high rank organically. As you may know that Google released its Panda Algorithm, which delivers more relevance to content that it observes as valuable to the readers or visitors. That meant that keyword stuffing or other obsolete SEO procedures were changed. Search engines have become smarter, pushing online e-commerce site to create “smarter” powerful content that is more user-friendly. Following tips can definitely help you to optimize your products’ web pages

  • Avoid any duplicate content: Some online retailers are lazy to do anything. They just simply copy the same product descriptions as their dealers, competitors or other pages on their site. Remember, duplicate content is not good for SEO, so it is commanding to stop doing this. If you classify any duplicate content, rewrite it in your own words. If you have many pages to rewrite, stay alert on your best-selling products first
  • Focus on your target keywords: These are the keywords you need to rank for in search engine result pages (SERP). For example, if one of your target keywords is “Best selling cars,” make sure to add that keyword during your text and deliver support content to boost your targeted rankings.
  • Use the relevant tags: Ideally your titles should be H1, and similarly, your subtitles should be H2. Having the wrong and irrelevant tags can make your website look messy for Google and make confusion about site order.

Add Smart Seo Pagination

Pagination supports you to understand how websites organize a list of products and services that don’t totally fit on the visitor’s screen. What actually many websites do is break up their categories into pages of a determined amount of items per page.

While this is perfect from the visitors’ perspective, it can be negative for SEO because Google is not sure about which page to give top priority and show users when searching for related searches in results.

Smart Seo Pagination

If your e-commerce site is comparatively small, be very careful when it comes to the keyword application. For instance, if you sell books arrangements, it wouldn’t be best to target keywords such as “books arrangements” because those types of general terms can be very competitive. That makes it difficult to compete with other sites that may have a more recognized domain authority.

Use Of HTML Tags: Meta descriptions And Title Tags

HTML tags support search engines to recognize the knowledge on a web page. The most common one’s examples are Meta titles and Meta descriptions. They are both restricted by characters and have a distinct “formula” for best practices.

Meta descriptions And Title Tags

Title tags should include 50-60 characters long and add the keyword towards the front of the title. Meta descriptions are the explanations that appear below the title. It can be 155 characters long. Also, your Meta title and description should be matched with the published content.

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