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Importance Of Responsive Web Design In 2019

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Importance of Responsive Web Design

A website can never be completed without having a responsive design. Hence it is important for you to understand the effectiveness of responsive web design with its integration techniques into a digital framework.

Regardless of any digital device, web design with responsive attributes enables a website to adapt the screen with the maximum traffic engagement. The auto tools of web reformates the visuals in order to give a better experience to visitors. A user-oriented web interface is well-suited to all digital devices. It can provide your site a lot of benefits as Google recommends such sites that have a better and responsive web design.

In this article, we share the significant elements that convince you to build your websites with responsive design.

1) Drastic Increase in Mobile Phone Usage

According to research conducted by Ofcom, smartphones’ popularity is increasing day by day as compared to other digital devices including laptops and PCs. Majority of the people spend approximately 2 hours a day. These stats are much higher than laptops and PCs.
By considering this drastic increase, developers have to create responsive web design because of these reasons:

  • Two-thirds of people own a smartphone and they are using it for browsing, accessing social media and shopping online
  • Smartphones are also used for routine financial transactions
  • 22% of internet users give priority to their smartphones for internet browsing
  • 33% of internet users accepted that smartphone was the most important device for using the internet and going online.

internet user view

These stats are taken from Ofcom research which was conducted in 2014. At the end of the year 2016, smartphone had overtaken desktop and there vast increase is expected in the year 2019. This big shift in online consumer behavior indicates the roadmap towards the new techniques for web development including responsive design.

smartphones vs laptops and pc
2) Google’s Recommendation

Often web developers ask the question of how to increase traffic on websites? How Google recommends a website in search? The answer is in their web design process. Web design impacts positively on Google’s search and increases the traffic. A professional website design company should know the web design inspiration. Also, communicate with visitors via chat.

Google started recommendations in 2015 that referred to responsive web design and start rewarding websites that were completely optimized for digital devices including mobile phones. Google gives high rank to mobile-friendly responsive web design in search results.

Recently, Google has taken a step ahead to implement a mobile-first indexing strategy. In this strategy, ranking and indexing will be based on mobile-friendly user-interface with responsive web design.

mobile-friendly user-interface

3) Advantages of Responsive Web Design

There are several advantages of responsive web design that make a website different from other sites and provide a roadmap to increase traffic. You can get the maximum advantages including the following:

    • Content and pages are flexible and suitable for all screen resolution of different devices
    • Websites look unified hence user gets easy navigation
    • Responsive Web Design prevent the differences in screen sizes
    • Providing the optimal experience to users across the board
    • Easy to scroll in mobile, laptop and PCs
    • Provide positive perception to your brand and business

  • Users like to revisit your websites again and again

Responsive web design now has become an important factor in web development and without it, the web development process cannot be completed. Also, it supports for sharing content on social media and help you to grow your brand awareness by targeting the bigger audience. If you just focus on responsive web design, it means you just have to look after one website only despite managing several pages separately.

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