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5 Top Web Development Trends In 2019

Web Development Trends

With the change of technology, web development has also changed by adopting new features and visuals. We got new ways of working and trends and new frameworks coming up every day. What do you think what’s worth diving into and what can you ignore safely? Here’s a list of must-watch web development trends for 2019 that you must consider.

Web Development Trends

The list is very subjective and we encourage you to participate in this discussion and provide your point of views.

1) Understanding Of Basics

It may quite unfamiliar or strange trend for you but it is essential! As an effective web developer, it’s really easy to get lost and dive into the advanced level topics without understanding the basics first.

What are the basics?

Web developers should have sufficient knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript as these are considered basics. Also, Node.Js is the key element and comes in basics of web development. It also used for server-side application along JavaScript runtime.

Developers have to make sure to have enough expertise and understand the role of each of these basic technologies and also make sure you understand the base syntax and structures. You surely don’t have to develop a CSS skills if you mostly work with JavaScript and React.js. But it won’t hurt if you understand how styling works as it will also impact how you write your components or templates in web development.

2) Graph QL

In the modern world, the web development landscape is all about APIs and frequently used micro services. By using a broad variety of clients linking to our backend services (mobile apps, SPAs and desktop apps) you often don’t need to revert to HTML from our server-side code. To make it easier, you have to interchange data, typically encoded in JSON format.

Graph QL


REST APIs are often the common solution to web problems. And this kind of API is there for a good motive of course. Graph QL is a query language invented by Facebook that solves problems quickly. Often, people think Graph QL is a language to query Facebook’s data or people think Graph QL can only be used with React.js. They both are wrong. A Graph QL API is just a substitute to a REST API.

High tractability or flexibility marks Graph QL a great choice for rich client-side applications and hence Graph QL is soaring in reputation.

3) Deep Dive Into Frontend Frameworks (Angular, React, Vue)

Frontend work structure like React (yes, it’s a library…), Angular and Vue are presiding the world of client-side web development and they do so for a good reason of course in web development. Web technologies (HTML, CSS and of course JS) are also applied to develop desktop (with Electron) or mobile (with Ionic, React Native or NativeScript) apps.

Frontend Frameworks

The Frontend frameworks were very important in 2018 and they will remain important in 2019.

4) Web Components & Compilers

Developers have great browser support and effective tools that make developing native web components much easier. Stencil.js is the ruling in web development.

Web Components

It does not only create native web components but it also adds functionality to automatically load polyfills older browsers might require to use the web components for a web development process

5) Explore The JAM Stack

The term of Jam stack is the abbreviation of the following:

  • JavaScript
  • APIs
  • Markdown

The JAM Stack provides the easy way to build static web pages that only use HTML, CSS and JS. You have no server-side language that makes your views/ pages. You use static page generators same as Gatsby.js to make all pages proactively. You can thereafter apply your statically built app to a static host like AWS S3.

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