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5 Things to Consider Before Making a Website

making a strategy

5 Things to Consider Before Making a Website
As we that every business essentially need a website to be successful. For some developers, this is not easy to face because a lot of developers simply don’t have the sufficient skills to create a website. In this article, we share the 5 important things to consider before making a website.

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Make A Strategy

The initial phase is specific one that developer often struggle with the most, but once you have passed this, you will have an incredible strategy in phase that will serve as the basis for everything else that required to be done.

The main problem is that people don’t really know what they want starting out. They know that they need a website, and they have a unclear idea of what objective that website should serve. However, they haven’t really taken the time to map out what they wish to show to the world about themselves and their work.

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Analyze Customer Journey

Another significant aspect of all of this is having a clear plan and thoughts of who the best visitor to your site will be. Who is it that you are targeting that will most likely take benefits from your web services?

Analyze customer Journey

A lot of what you add on your website will be created on the answer to this question. For instance, statistics reflects that young men and women spend a bit majority of their time watching YouTube videos. It means that if your target audience principally involves of younger customers, you might be able to have them to interact with your website in a better way If you add more videos than written content on your site.

In other words, you have to consider what your main visitors will go to enjoy that’s going to convince them stay on your site longer. That will regulate the type of content you will want to add as you create your site.


It’s suggested that you make a mind map or a flow chart to sketch out how you’re going to develop your website page by page. Of course, you can draw out a mind map on anything from a piece of notebook paper to a napkin, but if you’re fond of using the devices to save your ideas, a good piece of mind mapping software you may wish to try is XMind.


The next phase you’re going to take is to start to create your website with wireframes. Developers often have difficulty with this action step, but the main point is to keep it simple.

Each page on your site must have purpose. This will keep your user or visitor from staying confused as they navigate the site. Think of a confused consumer doesn’t buy, so each page requires to be set up so that the visitor can discover what they require and make it convenient for users to move along to buy your product or service. Search Engine Land gives a great content on how to advance your site’s navigation.


The content that you deliver as you create your website is not only going to carry more visitors to your site, but it is also about to cause them to focus longer and interact with your provided brands more.

This is highly significant when it arises to getting people to buy more as well as being able to better rank your site on search engines like Google. Also, the content or materials that you deliver will support your work to better stand out and support you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

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