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Which Meta Tags Matter for SEO

Meta tags matter
meta tags matter for seo
Which Meta Tags Matter for SEO in 2019

Meta tags are considered as the most basic element of search engine optimization (SEO). They played a very important role in the last few years. Although WordPress SEO has revised itself with the addition of new and improvised tools but still Meta tags matter in HTML.

Search engines have become savvy and smarter for analyzing the content value and placement on web pages. Now they are not fully dependent on human manipulated data such as Meta tags. Such changes didn’t decrease the value of Meta tags but yes, the way you used them before is changed to new methods.

Stuffing of keywords into a description and adding keywords are no longer effective as before. Here a question arises, which Meta tags are suitable for local SEO?

Meta tags in HTML have its own importance. In this article, we share which Meta tags are significant in the year 2019 and which you need to avoid.

How Meta Tags Matter For SEO?

At a very beginning stage of search engines, I could answer yes. But now, quality of your content and its relevancy with your website matter a lot. The more equipped search engines are well-prepared to read, understand and match any content on your web pages and relate it with the term entered by a user for searching.

Do Meta Tags Still Have Impact In 2019?

Yes, Meta tags still have a positive impact on your site rank, depending on how you apply. Remember, they still support you to enhance the display of your website in web browser, search engine, social media channel and in other forums as well.

Meta Tags Still Have Impact

The Most Common Meta Tags

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked about Meta tags, description and keywords.

Using keywords as Meta tags have no longer positive impact on page rank. Even if you frequently throw any keywords on a web page, it will be marked as spam and also your webpage will be marked in blacklisting pages. So, avoid using this method. Google has clearly mentioned the terms about keywords and stated that they do not consider keyword Meta tags for providing ranks to pages.

Google support team has also stated that:

Filling pages with keywords or numbers results in negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking


Previously, description tags were frequently used to boost the websites’ visibility and rank. People used to provide information that would relate to the search work entered. With the enhancement of search engine productivity, they are no longer need to depend on your written description describing your page quality. They can read and understand the actual content on your page by evaluating each quality elements.

Google Support Team indicates that if your written description text is visible in the page content and it matches with any user search term, it could have a small positive impact on your page ranking. On page SEO can only be done with the complete understanding of Meta description.

Avoid using duplicate description Meta tags as it has a poor impact on your web page. Ensure your every page contain high quality and unique descriptions.

“Differentiate the descriptions for different pages”

Social Media SEO Meta Tags

Let’s take a look at social media tags that allow you to enhance the view of your page when shared on social media.

Open Graph

Facebook open graph aims to promote the connection between Facebook and your website. With the addition of open graph Meta tags, you can show your web content when others share or like your page on Facebook.


For instance, if you write a post on your website with featured image, you can use open graph to let Facebook also feature the image whenever a page is shared. Also, consider the following useful points:

  • The more click you get from Facebook embedded links, the more authoritative search engines will consider your page.
  • Give a responsive user interface look to your website to increase the number of clicks.

Twitter Card

Same as open graph, Twitter cards Meta tags allow you to embed your website link and to Twitter and get the number of clicks. A number of clicks impact on your web page. If you have ever clicked or browsed your Twitter website, you will see a “card”. It actually a styled tweet that often features image with title and a short description.

twitter card

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