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Keywords Planning & Readability For Website SEO in 2019

Keywords Planning

Keywords Planning
In 2019, SEO should be consist of all the audience-centric content.

Nowadays, there are several SEO experts are unable to get high rank on Google research results due to the unawareness of SEO latest updates and best practices.

In this article, we aim to uncover some effective tips to advance your content marketing strategy from SEO context and see real ROI, you have to follow the practices that will really benefit you by all means.

Content that’s perfectly high ranked, that runs traffic and leads is always user-oriented and focused, first and foremost.

This is the main reason why today’s tips for SEO content in 2019 all point back to your reader, A.K.A. the V.I.P. and M.V.P. you need to know and understand to get it correctly.

Whenever you write to the target people in the right way, your writing and content will go higher.

1) Write To The Target Audience With Keywords Planning

Give priority to your target audience. Your SEO content will not reach the target people if you are unable to optimize it with keywords planning. It will help you to discover targeted keywords.
What do I exactly mean by “targeted keywords”?

Remember, these are key terms and phrases for which your target audience niche is actively searching on Google.

Target Audience

To find these terms, you must first understand the below points:

  • Who your target audience segments are
  • What type of knowledge they are looking for
  • Why they are looking for that knowledge
  • Which keywords are frequently used to find itMoreover, following activities can definitely help you:

    Audience research: Classify the kind of audience you think wants/needs what you offer and match relevancy. Later, go discover where they congregate online. Discuss to them. Organize Survey. Find out their personal habits, preferences, demographics, and statistics.
    Keyword research: Find relevant, profitable keywords that recount to your proficiency, your products/services, and your target audience’s search intent.
    Topic research: Introduce the content topics based on the targeted keywords you discovered and what your audience needs to learn/know.

Pay Attention On Readability

SEO content that leaves to the top of SERPs has some things going for it, including this more important feature:

It’s amazingly readable.

Pay Attention On Readability

When your target people clicks your link, every single thing on the page convince them want to stay and read it completely.

And, when they stay and read, that creates your page look Perfect to Google.

It indicates, “Hey, this page is appropriate to the search query! The user has discovered the way they were looking for!”

That indicates is called dwell time – or, the amount of time that permissions between the spot when you click on a search result and the point when you back to the results page.

Your website readability adds to longer dwell times with a few potentials that are baked in:

Apart from above, keep an eye on Google SEO updates. Constantly producing the optimized SEO content will bring your website high on Google Ranked. Also, consider the following best practices for a better outcome:

  • Design good content
  • Create correct content
  • Check your keyword usage
  • Content relevancy
  • Keyword placement
  • Make short and crisp paragraphs
  • Use bullets and numbering
  • Make subheadings
  • Proper linking
  • Avoid repetitions
  • Proofread your write-up

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