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4 Effective SEO Techniques You Should know

4 Effective SEO Techniques You Should know

4 Effective SEO Techniques You Should knowEveryone wants to know the effective techniques of SEO for getting high ranks in search engines but only a few people know what actions exactly have to follow to get the top position in Google search. In this article, you will know the 4 advanced SEO techniques your competitors don’t want you to know.

1) Flatten Your Site Structure

This is an important key factor that impacts positively from the SEO point of view. Flattening your site structure and prioritize its URLs

Don’t you know why you have to do this? Let’s take a look at the below explanation:

Flattening your site structure support you for reducing the number of clicks that any visitor needs to make to visit a URL from the homepage.

4 Effective SEO Techniques

Do you notice? How there are no more than three clicks from the homepage to any URL on the above-mentioned flat structure?

That’s why we recommend Google’s spiders can take too much time to crawl pages that are further from a homepage, extracting in slow rankings results.

2) Design The Most Out Of Schema Markup

Schema markup is bits of specific codes that gets linked to a website and web-page to help Google better recognize and understand it.

You can even utilize it to show SERP rich snippets for star-based ratings, pictures and reading times. Take a look at below-mentioned example:

SERP rich snippets

You may think why Schema Markup is better for SEO? We are here to provide you with the answer!

It asks for more space in the SERPs, giving searchers a better opportunity of watching your site and being inclined to click through to it.

That results in a better and higher organic click-through rate (CTR) that is a reason for the ranking factor.

3) Fix Crawl Errors And Broken Links

Of course, errors like 404 are frustrating. What visitor can feel once he clicks on your website URL and gets total anticipation, just to see the sentence “sorry, page not found. Such kind of errors also create problems for crawling. Usually, such errors come when you remove or edit certain URLs without proper checking.

Crawl Errors and Broken Links

404 errors basically lead people and search engines to dead ends, that doesn’t support user experience and impact badly. Following 2 statistics are self-exploratory:

Only 23% of visitors that face a 404 page error take the 2nd attempt to revisit the missing page.

79% of visitors that are dissatisfied with website presentation stated they are less likely to purchase from the particular site again.

4) Put Key CRO Principles On Landing Pages

Landing pages have to be optimized for conversions, collective with other types of landing pages like lead magnet downloads or other video landing pages.

The frequently high-converting landing pages are subjectively those that prospects look at and can directly see themselves in them.

Such type of landing pages prevent visitors from tab-jumping from your offer to the competitor’s and get them to exactly stay on the page, be wowed by your suggestion, and take a prompt action without any kind of hesitation.

Have a look at below mentioned five stages of awareness before converting

  • Unaware – Visitors that are unaware that they have a trouble
  • Pain aware – Visitors that identify they have a problem but aren’t aware there must have solutions
  • Solution aware – Visitors that are in the progression of finding a solution, reading blogs and researching
  • Product aware – Visitors that are aware of the various options and solution to their product, but still aren’t influenced by one in particular
  • Most aware – Visitors who are convinced and just need the correct CTA to run them towards an action

Apart from above 4 techniques, we have discussed 4 key words strategies to optimize your website for organic traffic in our previous article.

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