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How Duplicate Content Kills Your SEO?

Duplicate Content Kills Your SEO

Duplicate Content Kills Your SEO

After a deep study in SEO, We’ve analyzed thousands of websites, web pages and audited thousands of them. After a while, one initiates to notice trends. The same elementary SEO mistakes are repeated over and over. Many of these are not difficult to find and fix, the types of things that any perfect SEO consultant should be aware of.

If you have a website and don’t have an SEO consultant, these are a few of the elements that you can rapidly go and evaluate yourself. If you do have an SEO advisor, they should have carried these problems to your attention.

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If they haven’t …and unfortunately I observe a lot of customers who have had “SEO consultants” for years but still have these issues to face, you may wish to question if you have the perfect consultant working for you.

Duplicate Content

Do you know what duplicate content is? Duplicate content in the background of SEO elaborates the same content showing in more than one webpage (URL) within the same or diverse domain (web site). The most frequent problem with duplicate content is that search engines can’t choose which content to index first, eventually not giving this web page in search results.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can come under various types. One of the most frequent errors is duplicate versions of the homepage:

Duplication Of URL

We have seen fairly a few duplicate URL’s, where the upper case or lower case URL text are used similarly and conflictingly, causing search bots to be confused and accordingly devaluing the URL  or not ranking your website decidedly.

Duplication Of URL

The matter here is if you have all your inner or outer links showing at www.example.com/Apple-Iphone or www.example.com/apple-iphone and the “actual” type of the page is www.example.com/apple-iphone, you’re splitting the link fairness between these two URLs. You wish all that link goodness pointed at the one unique URL you wish to rank in the search engines.

Diverse Web-Pages Having Closely Similar Content

Almost every website we’ve ever looked on or for has had duplicate page content issues.

Duplicate content occurs when you or your team member either copy some other website content then paste it on your website or you use a duplicate piece of content across various pages within your website. This problem occurs more often, particularly when SEO advice has not been put in place in the architecture stage of creating a site. A designer or content writer for your website might not pay attention to it because they are not SEO specialists.

How do you resolve these duplication issues?

  • Minimize similar content: If you have many pages that are similar, consider expanding each page or consolidating the pages into one. For instance, if you have a hotel site with distinct pages for two places, but the same statistics on both pages, you could either merge the pages into one page about both places. You could also distinct it into two pages and write exceptional content about each place.
  • Delete duplicate page version of your content
  • 301 redirect the duplicate forms to the unique ones or Place “rel canonical” tag on the original page to send a solid hint to search engines your about favored version to index among duplicate pages on the web. If you are not confident what 301 redirect or rel canonical tag is, just contact your web developer to fix them for you.

URL best practices: Use hyphens to distinct words when essential for readability. They should not use highlights, spaces, or any other characters to distinct words. The URL of a web document should ideally be as expressive and brief as possible. Do not use CAPITALS character or words in URLs.

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