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Your Website in 2019

Which Technology Is Best for Your Website in 2019

Websites are built by using the set of countless technologies. Nowadays, you don’t have to be an expert in these systems to manage your websites completely. Just have the basics…

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SEO Mistakes

The 6 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO plays very important role to provide a good ranking to your website. Without having optimization and content strategy, you cannot survive on web world for long. By the time,…

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Web Development Trends

5 Top Web Development Trends In 2019

With the change of technology, web development has also changed by adopting new features and visuals. We got new ways of working and trends and new frameworks coming up every…

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4 Keywords Strategies To Optimize Your Online Store For Organic Search

Often e-commerce business including online stores get failed because of inappropriate SEO strategies that impact negatively on their overall brand perception. SEO for online stores requires the intelligence with right…

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Top 9 Reasons To Learn Java

Java is known as the most popular programming language widely used all over the world. It gets the distinctive position among all programming language because of its technology-driven nature. It…

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python programming

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Use Python Programming

The latest TIOBE Programming Community Index shares a positive sign of Python programming. Their latest index of 2019 brings Python programming in top 10 popular languages. Python is used in…

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5 Ways To Prevent Cyber-Attacks

Now it has become common to hear that some big entities beard a huge loss because of big security breaches. Specifically, these are the big threats to e-commerce’s businesses where…

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Meta tags matter

Which Meta Tags Matter for SEO

Meta tags are considered as the most basic element of search engine optimization (SEO). They played a very important role in the last few years. Although WordPress SEO has revised…

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Secure network

5 Penetration Testing Tools To Secure Your Network

  Penetration testing has to be equipped with modern techniques as newer threats of cyber-attacks are identified. The USA President’s budget for the fiscal year 2019 earmarks $15 billion for…

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Compitable browser website

8 Tips For Creating A Cross-Browser Compatible Website

The cross-browser compatible website defines the ability of a website including HTML structure, application and client-side script to design a web framework in a different environment. It completes the required…

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