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6 Important Cybersecurity Tools In 2019

Cybersecurity Tools

Cybersecurity Tools

As we know cybersecurity has become a core part of the modern world. It requires extra intelligence and savvy mindset to compete with the new challenges. Due to the importance of cybersecurity, we share the 6 important cybersecurity tools that are highly recommended by an industry expert. You can simply integrate the below-mentioned tools to ensure your cybersecurity. These tools will help you to understand the security framework and will protect you from all kind of potential threats.

1) Safe-blocks

Almost all industries are concerned and working on integrating blockchain. It has a penchant for making more cost-efficient facilities hosted in a regionalized fashion or at least consuming regionalized elements. Applications made on blockchain are recognized as apps. Safe-blocks is supporting to make them safer.


Normally, dApps are created on smart contracts that are basically if/then statements that practice the trustless ledger to systematize business flows. These are typically audited for possible loopholes or exploits before they go live. However, just because a smart agreement has been checked doesn’t mean its hack-proof.

2) Incapsula

Incapsula is another significant cybersecurity company offering a truthfully inspiring array of cloud-based security and website quickening services. With a tiny adjustment to your DNS — no hardware or software needed — you can contact the entirety of Imperva’s solution involving DDoS defense, website security, content delivery, and load balancing facilities.

Over 3 million clients trust Imperva Incapsula for their wide-ranging and lightweight suite of web services, and particularly the capability to make custom application delivery developments that decrease overhead expressively.

3) HoxHunt

Though new viruses and bugs are a large part of the danger facing our digital universe in 2019, hackers are also aiming employees and negligent (or simply unaware) retail PC users with definite social engineering tricks that are only getting more refined.


HoxHunt explains that the big majority (over 90%) of breaches are because of human error, and acts as a further security team member by regularly determining employee consciousness and behavior to its simulated threats — phishing emails prompts to install possibly viral software and more.

4) PerimeterX

AI and automation are close and dear to the tech system. But inappropriately, hackers and fraudsters can also employ the services of bot networks for their own determinations.
Automated attacks are the type of the seafloor trawling nets used by commercial fishermen to pick the ocean’s “lowest-hanging fruit”. Also, they have an amazing achievement rate even though they don’t tailor their attacks to exact targets.

PerimeterX is the reply to the rising sophistication of these bot attacks, with a structure that uses machine learning to recognize behavior that is least likely to signify human action.

5) White-Source

For an organization that seeks to use open-source software for its own determinations, the process of picking a harmonizing array of software and maintaining. it requires significant efforts.

Open-source installations are incorporations of several complementary pieces and require tracking, management, and reporting at the very least. White-Source automates these procedures but also makes open-source module selection, real-time alerts on vulnerable points and bottlenecks, and policy execution completely automatic.

6) Cloud Management Suite

With its “patch everything” mantra, Cloud Management Suite (CMS) practices automated and pre-built patch queries to the most shared software to significantly decrease the administrative weight of systems management.

6) Cloud Management Suite

Users are capable to readily control every feature of their IT infrastructure, counting connected devices, threat monitoring, compliance management, power management, and two-factor authentication.

Hosted completely in the cloud, CMS can be organized promptly and used distantly, so that anyone can smoothly keep all the devices and software used by their business up-to-date.
If you want to learn more about cybersecurity, take a look at the power set of modern cybersecurity techniques at EH-Academy. This bundle is well-equipped with the enhancement of effective tools that will make you a master in ethical hacking.

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