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Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Political Impact

artificial intelligence impact

artificial intelligence impact


Artificial Intelligence, as we define this term as a collection of numerous different technologies that allow machines to sense. It comprehends and acts according to a certain situation. Also, it learns, either on their own or to augment given command.


Artificial intelligence has made several tough jobs easy and convenient. At the other side, AI is also impacting on our world politically. In this article, we share the growth of AI and its political impact on countries with the ground realities.

Compelling stats disclose a depressing truth regarding the immense growth nowadays. There has been an obvious weakening in the capability of old-style levers of production side. AI deals with capital investment and labor side to push economic growth.

Yet, the numbers explain only part of the section. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fresh element of production. It has the potential to bring new opportunities and sources of growth. It explains how work is performed. It plays strengthening role to help folks to manage, run and get growth in business.


Research on the influence of AI in 12 developed economies explains that AI has the ability to double the annual economic growth rates in 2035. It happened because of the shifting the nature of work and designing a new association between man and human-made machine. The high impact of AI technologies on corporate sector is estimated to increase labor productivity by up to 40%. It enables folks to have more efficient use of their valuable time.


The Statista shows the progress of the artificial intelligence market globally from the year 2017 to the year 2025.

Artificial Intelligence future

Also, in the year 2017, the worldwide AI market was predicted to grow around 150% from 2016 levels. Got a forecast scope of 4.8 billion U.S. dollars. From the year 2016 to the year 2025, Artificial intelligence global market is expected to grow around 7, 35 billion U.S. dollars.

AI Progressively Develops A Matter Of International Politics

2018 has observed main world powers progressively putting up barriers to defend their national interests. It happens because whenever it comes to business specifically trade and defense. Nowhere has this been more superficial than in the association between the world’s two AI skilled superpowers, the US and China.

In the expression of tariffs and material export limitations on goods and services used to generate AI forced by the US Government. Also, China has stepped up its energies to developing self-reliant when it comes to research and advancement.

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Chinese technological products manufacturer Huawei publicized plans to create its own AI.  They are confident because of processing chips, dropping the requirement for the country’s booming AI sector to depend on US manufacturers same like the big venture Intel and Nvidia.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence

At the same time and situation, Google has tackled public criticism because of its superficial willingness to do work with Chinese organizations. Many of them have associations with the Chinese government. While diminishing (after a force from its employees) from preparations to work with US government assistance due to concerns and its technologies may be militarized.

Artificial Intelligence political impact

With nationalist politics adoring a revival, there are two superficial threats here.

Initially, artificial intelligence technology could be progressively accepted by authoritarian regimes to restrict freedoms, such as the rights to privacy or free speech.

Secondly, that these tensions could compromise the spirit of cooperation between academic and industrial companies all over the world. This framework structure of open partnership has been contributory to the quick growth and utilization of AI technology we observe taking place nowadays and putting up limitations around a nation’s AI expansion is much expected to slow that progress. In specific, it is anticipated to slow the expansion of common criteria around AI and data, which could importantly escalate the practicality of AI.


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